Mechanic working at Auto body Shop

Get to Know Your Oceanside Collision Repair Experts

We created an auto body shop to cater to customers who, like us, have a steadfast determination to achieve excellence. Now, we’ve been serving the Oceanside area for over a decade, consistently providing quality collision repairs that make people do a doubletake… “Is that really my car that last week looked like it would never drive again?” And not only do our repairs look good, we warranty our craftsmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

Color Crafters Collision & Auto Body Repair

When I’m finished repairing a vehicle, and it’s reached its pre-accident condition—or better in some cases—and I get to witness the customer smile as they see their vehicle... that’s a feeling that’s hard to beat. It’s a sensation of providing a service to those who have had trouble and then managing to exceed their wildest expectations. It’s a feeling I can only describe as sublime.

- Lael B. Leone, Owner

If you live in Oceanside, and you’re ever in a car accident or you need auto body work for any reason (let’s face it, at some point every driver does), we hope you’ll call Color Crafters Collision & Auto Body Repair to bring your vehicle back to life. We promise you won’t be sorry you did. Also, a very big thank you to all the people who have entrusted their vehicles to us in the past.